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Jimmy Strange is proud to present his newest effect, Star Pad!

Star Pad is pure visual mentalism. As a spectator is handed a folded prediction on a small piece of paper, they are asked to choose one person (but not to say the name out loud) from a group of celebrities.

With that image locked inside their mind, they now open your prediction that they have been holding the whole time, only to find it completely blank! it’s only until they pour a small amount of water onto the table and lay the prediction on top that their chosen celebrity slowly and visually develops right in front of their eyes.

  • This is very visual
  • And easy to perform
  • Can be performed in a spectator’s hands

Comes with a pad having multiple predictions to perform many times, and a choice of 3 celebrities:

  • Donald Trump
  • Elvis Presley
  • Michael Jackson

Includes a full online tutorial!

“Passion For Fame, A Passion Which Is The Instinct Of All Great Souls”

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