Zone Zero with DVD – Printed Board



Show a styrene board (11" x 17") With a hole near the center. The board is shown on both sides. and both hands are shown empty.

The performer reaches through the hole in the board with an empty hand and comes out with a brightly-colored (2.5") rubber ball. The ball is bounced on the floor to show it is an actual, solid ball. The ball is put back through the hole (and back into "Zone Zero").

Immediately the board is shown on both sides and both hands are repeatedly shown empty in the process…the ball is gone! He reaches through the hole and brings the ball back out again.

The ball is put through the hole and again it completely vanishes. The board is shown on both sides and the hands are empty.

It seems impossible! No body loads. The principles involved can be utilized for a wide variety of other effects. Vanish objects besides a ball, like an orange, pack of smokes, rolled up socks, etc. In addition, you can also utilize the Zone Zero "Master Move" with objects other than the Zone Zero board.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions17.125 x 11.5 x 2.5 in